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Hot water circulator

To circulate the hot water in the system piping, systems use one or more small pumps. These pumps are low maintenance items and are usually installed in pairs, with one operating and one in the backup mode. Carlton Sewers and Drain Cleaning are high maintenance, they cannot be ignored. Most pump failures are caused by bad designs, improper installations, insufficient bearing lubrication, improper alignment, and damaged seals. A Carlton Sewers and Drain Cleaning that is properly installed and maintained have an expected service life of many years.

The most common defects found in hot water system circulation pumps include the following:

1. Bad couplings. Although pump couplings will wear out, they generally fail as a result of misalignment and vibrations. If the coupling is worn, properly align the pump and motor before returning the pump to service.

2. Bad bearings. Pump motor bearings require periodic lubrication. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, as too much lubrication can be as damaging as too little.